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Best way to network at a TAC3 meeting

  • 06/21/2017 12:27 PM
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    John Mickner (Administrator)

    The topic subject might be a bit misleading since these comments will work for any networking event, not just TAC3.

    I am stealing these comments from a good friend and successful entrepreneur, Bill McCleskey, owner of MiTech Partners. Bill suggests these common sense tips to having success at any networking event.

    1. When you arrive, be sure to meet and greet anyone you can. Mingle, but as you mingle tell everyone you meet, "So glad you could come today/tonight" Even though you may not be the meeting host, it's a great way to break the ice. Remember, there may be some timid networkers there and this really helps to start a conversation.

    2. Your goal should be to meet one new person. Let me stress that again. Your goal should be to meet one new person. It's about forming relationships, not seeing how many business cards you can collect. More than one is OK too, but hit your goal and feel good about it.

    3. If you feel that you have made a good connection, be sure to set a date for coffee, or food in order to learn more about your new contact. It is important to do that before you both run off back into the world. When you take more than a few minutes to really get to know someone better...you will be amazed at the things you will find out about that individual and or his/her business.

    4. As far as TAC3, all of the above is especially important. You will meet folks at a TAC3 meeting you have never met before. There will be business owners and influencers  in attendance from diverse backgrounds and cultures and that might even speak a different language. What a fantastic opportunity to broaden your business and networking horizons.

    5. Invite other business associates, business owners, entrepreneurs and influencers to the next TAC3 meeting and help us all expand our network reach.

    Best regards,

    John Mickner, COO, TAC3, CEO Universal health Advisors, LLC.

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