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Maximizing Your NQ (Networking Quotient)

  • 07/28/2015 8:37 PM
    Message # 3455765
    Timothy Cummings Sr (Administrator)

    So, how's  your NQ?  Are you a wall flower or a networking star?  No matter how good a networker we may be, we can always do better ... and networking is a low cost way to improved revenue! 

    Want to improve your NQ?  You can add to your points before you ever arrive on-site.  Most networking events are promoted through various social media platforms.  These platforms allow you to RSVP for the event.  How often do you do this?  My experience from hosting hundreds of networking events is that less than 30% of people attending will say in advance that they will be there. 

    Why is it important to RSVP?  Let me give you three reasons:

    1. How often do you decide not to attend a networking event because only a few people have indicated they are coming ... and then find out after the fact that it was a great event, overflowing the venue?  Happens more often than you think.  Your RSVP makes attending the event MORE VALUABLE to other people.  It draws better attendance.  Better attendance improves the likelihood that you will find a connection that you desperately need to move your business forward. 
    2. Someone may be looking for you!  You're on Linked In, Facebook, you tweet, you network.  How many people are out there looking to meet you?  You might be surprised ... particularly if you have developed ambassadors that are promoting you and your business.  When you RSVP, you advertise where these people can find you.  As a hunter, I find it is much more fun when the game is coming to you rather than having to beat the brush for the game!
    3. By RSVPing, you honor and elevate your host or hostess!  The fact that you take time to say you are attending lends your credibility, among networking circles, to him or her and the event.  Is this too great a thing to do for people who are endeavoring to bring you a great networking event?

    So, turn over a new leaf, today!  Think you're going to attend?  Click the link, let them know, and then plan on having a great experience connecting at the event.

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